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Pronish is very people oriented and a place where you can find a flexible working environment and feel at home.

Atom was not invented, it was already in nature. Gravity was already present and buoyancy of water was existent. However different and innovative minds revealed these and shaped them. What we are trying to say is that we are looking for talents like these to join our team while discovering new values and adventures.

If you also want to be part of Pronish and

If you think you are talented and have a since of humour,

If you like to listen,

If you desire to create sustainable values,

If you can add love to your work,

If you can be part of a team even as a freelancer,

Than please feel free to contact us.

Pronish Event Management


Eskişehir Yolu 15. Km. KuleEvo Konutkent Mah. 3028. Cadde 18. Kat 16-A Blok No: 119 Çankaya - ANKARA / TURKEY

+ 90 (312) 999 9 699


Company News

  • "Contractual Arrangements in the Mining Sector in Turkey" Meeting

    Creative Tones, brand of Pronish, provided technical services in ‘Contractual arrangements in the mining sector in Turkey’ meeting organized in cooperation with TEPAV and ILO on November 19, 2015.  Read More
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