Training Consultancy

    Everything You Need for your organization to increase productivity and success

    We, Pronish, aims to share our extensive experiences we  gained in our professional careers, implementation and execution of the projects through the years.  Therefore, we design the educational content according to the needs of our clients and present these trainings with the latest technological products and means to make our clients for being successful in the challenges they face in their businesses.

    Training Overview

    Our trainings focus on the consultancy service areas we offer and are categorized in two,  concentrating on Business Trainings – Communication, project management and trainings on R&D and Innovation 

    Business Trainings

    There are trainings covering all aspects of Communication, Grant Projects,  Project Management and Executive Coaching.

    R&D and Innovation Trainings

    There are variation of trainings available from what R&D is, process, Innovation, Need Finding, Product Lifecycle, etc ...

    Trainings We Provide

    Some of the trainings offered, which can be tailored to your needs after inquiries,  are listed below. For inquiries, please reach us.

    • Grant execution, implementation and procurement trainings for grant projects
    • EU Communication Expertise Trainings
    • Project Cycle Management Trainings
    • Project planning, preparation, and management specially prepared for Private Sector, Public Institutions and Local Administrations
    • R&D Literacy, R&D Processes and New Product Development Methodologies
    • Innovation, Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking
    • Need Finding, Voice-of-Customer (VOC) Methodologies

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