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    We have established PRONISH to respond to sectoral needs while providing consultancy services to funding agencies, NGO’s, public and private institutions on economic and social development, education, communication and institutional building. Our understanding and knowledge of Turkish local context and the associated experience, coupled with our extensive network of contacts enables us to offer our clients and partners a unique competitive advantage in providing high quality services/consultancy in project and event management along with research&development. Our strength stems from our implementable, innovative, and solution-oriented approaches to consultancy.

    As PRONISH, we know that every project is unique, with its unique client blueprint, which is why one-to-one consultancy lies at the heart of our management services. We are a highly knowledgeable group of individuals aiming to deliver strong and consistent high-level services to our clients. We strongly believe that our network of consultants, contacts and suppliers who are integral part of our team contribute highly to success of our projects as each one of them treats every Project as though it was as their own.

    By working with Pronish, you will benefit from:

    • Our 20 years of experience in Turkey with local networks
    • 15 years plus experience working within the EU context
    • Unique experience of the company owners as freelance experts
    • Our excellent relations with beneficiaries and decision-makers
    •  Our logistical expertise and innovative approaches to ensure the perfect delivery of projects
    • Our extensive national and international expert and supplier databases
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    Service Areas We Work

    Communication Consultancy

    Communication Consultancy

    Offering communication and branding strategies through introducing effective

    Project Management

    Project Management Consultancy

    Offering consultancy in proposal writing, project planning, implementation, monitoring,

    R&D - Innovation

    R&D and Innovation Management

    Providing tailored solutions for effective Research and Development (R&D)

    Training Consultancy

    Training Consultancy

    Offering trainings in grant execution, implementation and procurement for

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