TA for the Implementation of Employment, Education and Social Policies Sectoral Operational Programme (EESP SOP)(04/22 to present)

    About the Project

    The overall objective of the Project is to develop the capacity of the OS and potential and actual beneficiaries, in order to support them in fulfilling their functions related to the IPA and future EU Structural Funds implementations.

    Responsibilities as Networking Expert

    • Supporting the processes to increase the visibility of grant project activities under the supervision of the communication coordinating expert and the TL
    • Supporting the processes of publication of project introduction information and news about developments, under the supervision of the communication coordinating expert and the TL,
    • Determining responsible and authorized persons for visibility works in each implementing institution and organization in grant projects and help “gathering the success stories”
    • Support to visibility cooperation meeting which will be established a network with Grant Beneficiaries too.
    • Support the preparation and implementation of communication action plans in grant projects, under the supervision of the communication coordinating expert and the TL.
    • Support to developing a common e-calendar where the dates and details of the events to be carried out and ensuring coordination in this field.

    Responsibilities as Monitoring Expert

    • Ensuring and following-up of the data entry of contracts into the electronic modules
    • Supporting to the specification of measurable project indicators corresponding to the EESP SOP
    • Supporting to the preparation of activity and procurement plans
    • Supporting to data entry on project events like courses, workshops, meetings, awareness raising and training sessions
    • Preparing warning/risk notification to the beneficiaries/contractors
    • Assisting the CMs on reviewing the reports and modification requests of project implementers
    • Fulfilling ex-ante controls of secondary procurement activities under grant contracts
    • Providing technical assistance to the grant beneficiaries by answering their questions via PROJEMATİK
    • Preparing, conducting and reporting the findings of technical monitoring visits and on the spot checks
    • Controlling, reviewing and examining through checklists the narrative and financial reports including supporting items on inputs, outputs and results