Promoting Women Employment (as Consortium Partner)

    About the Project

    The overall objective of the Project was to deliver more effective public employment services particularly at the local level and to increase women’s employability, facilitate their access to more and better jobs and diminish obstacles hindering female participation in the labour force.

    Concrete Results and Outputs

    • Labour market analyses and surveys which identified employment opportunities accessible to women and possible obstacles towards women’s employment were available,
    • Capacity to design local strategies for the promotion of women’s employment through the developed “model” was increased,
    • Career information, vocational guidance and counselling services adapted to the different women’s target groups were enhanced,
    • Sensitivity towards gender mainstreaming of employment policies was raised, especially among İŞKUR staff and relevant stakeholders,
    • Networks between granted projects and participating women were established.

    Project Synopsis

    Funding organisation: EC
    Client(s) / Beneficiary(ies): ISKUR / Ministry of Labour and Social Security
    Budget: 2.986.726 €
    Duration: 2011 – 2013