Technical Assistance for Improved Strategic Management Capacity (EU Funded Project) implemented by Nicholas Witsen Foundation

    About the Project

    This Technical assistance project aimed to support the central public administration institutions for efficient and effective public service and transparent and sound financial management of public funds. It is also designed to improveThe strategic planning capacity of central public institutions  improved (guiding capacity of Ministry of Development, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, The Council of Higher Education and planning and implementation capacity of all 180 central public institutions which are under obligation of preparing strategic plans).


    • Communicated and networked with high level officials of Ministries, Public Administrations and Universities through organization of Project seminars, conferences, trainings and updating of the website in order to promote the Project;
    • Developed promotional materials, Contacted the mass media in order to promote the Project’s events; prepared and distributed press releases and media kits for Project events;
    • Prepared news for social media and project website prior to and in the immediate aftermath of the Project Events;
    • Organised the Project Closing Conference for 400 people with the participation of the Minister of Development and high level representatives of the government, prepared a final report on the events together with the media bulletins before and after the conferences.