Technical Assistance for Promoting Registered Employment (as Consortium Partner)

    About the Project

    The overall objective of the Project was to promote registered employment through strengthening the capacity of the Social Security Institution and enhancing coordination among relevant public institutions and social partners in order to provide sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion.

    Results of the Project

    • The capacity of SSI(Social Security Institution), relevant institutions and social partners were improved to promote registered employment,
    • A trainer team was established that will conduct future training of the SSI staff members,
    • Cooperation and coordination between the SSI and relevant ministries were increased,
    • Models for inter-ministerial cooperation were identified, developed and tested in the selected areas and locations,
    • A new common database was created for cross-institutional use,
    • Awareness at national and regional levels about the importance of registered employment and social security was raised,
    • Field studies were conducted, and a labour market analysis was produced,
    • The results of the grant projects at the national and regional level were disseminated,
    • NUTS II Regions (43 cities in total, including 15 growth centres and hinterlands) were defined as the target regions of the project.

    Project Synopsis

    Funding organisation: European Union
    Client(s) / Beneficiary(ies): Social Security Institution / Ministry of Labour and Social Security
    Budget: 2.343.140 €
    Duration: 2010-2012