Technical Assistance for Promotion of Life Long Learning (LLL) (as Consortium Partner)

    About the Project

    The overall objective of the Project was to establish an institutional framework and capacity within LLL perspectives in line with EU practices to support individuals’ access to education for increasing employment opportunities.

    Concrete Results and Outputs

    There were 18 expected result areas, and the followings are some of them:

    •  Legislative structure arrangements were prepared to facilitate LLL with effective cooperation among MoNE (Ministry of National Education),
    • National LLL Strategy Document and Action Plan were revised,
    • A web portal was established for the overall National LLL system,
    • Training for the MoNE personnel, specialists from stakeholders and social partners on at least 50 occupational areas was done,
    • Awareness on the recognition of prior learning, strategies and coordination between relevant stakeholders was raised at the national and provincial level,
    • Provincial LLL action plans were planned for 43 provinces,
    • The local capacity of LLL policy and approach was developed.

    Project Synopsis

    Funding organisation: EC
    Client(s) / Beneficiary(ies): Ministry of National Education
    Budget:7.455.340 €
    Duration: May 2011 – September 2013