Technical Assistance to Support CISOP 2014-2020 Operations, lnformation and Publicity Project by WeGlobal

    About the Project

    The overall aims of the “Technical Assistance to Support CISOP 2014-2020 Operations, Information and Publicity” are to increase the competitiveness of the Turkish economy, to open it up to innovation and to reduce regional socio-economic disparities across the country as the Turkish and EU economies converge. This project was committed to support these aims and to aid this process through expertises on know-how in designing, launching, managing and monitoring projects and programmes.

    Concrete Results and Outputs

    • Further consolidating the Ministry of Industry and Technology Operating Structure’s administrative capacity to manage the Operational Programme;
    • Maximising the efficient absorption of IPA (Instrument for Pre-Accession) II funding by improving the access of potential and final beneficiaries to information on the funding opportunities available under CISOP 2014-2020;
    • Strengthening the capacity of potential and final beneficiaries to apply for, and correctly utilise IPA II funding;
    • Supporting the Operating Structure’s inputs into IPA programming for the 2021-2027 period;
    • Increasing the awareness of CISOP stakeholders and the general public about the EU’s role in Turkey and improving the visibility of IPA-funded actions in support of competitiveness and innovation.

    Responsibilities undertook as Senior R&D and Creative Industries Projects Assessor

    • Supported Strategic Programming, Monitoring and Evaluation Department in launching CISOP 2014-2020 operations – IPA II.
    • Assessed R&D and Creative Industries Project Proposals for MoIT
    • Evaluated the project selection methodology of MoIT and provided recommendations to improve the project selection process for future programs (IPA III) of Competitive Sectors Programme.

    Responsibilities undertook as Senior Trainor

    • Aimed to increase of awareness of staff of Competitve Sectors Programme in Ministry of Industry and Technology on New Product Development and R&D processes
    • Designed, Prepared and Delivered a 2-day Training on R&D Literacy – New Product Development and Product Life-Cycle Modules for MoIT Competitive Sectors Programme. (Research & Development, innovation and technology transfer modules also covered in training session.)
    • Prepared, delivered the training report and evaluated the training session

    Project Synopsis

    Funding organisation: EuropeAid
    Client(s) / Beneficiary(ies): Ministry of Industry and Technology
    Budget: 6,411,340  €
    Duration: 2019-2022