Altug Tosun

    Altug Tosun

    Biography / Managing Director

    Altug Tosun is a veteran professional with 18 years of multi-sectoral experience in business development, project management, and grant scheme monitoring in EU funded grant scheme and technical assistance projects in the field of regional and rural development, sustainable development, social & civil society dialogue. He is the managing director of Pronish Consultancy since 2014, focusing on business development, expanding the portfolio of consultancy services offered and managing the financial and administration of Pronish. He is also the owner and Managing Partner of the private event space – Nish Lounge, for which he manages and leads the business development and marketing activities. As a Senior Non-Key Grant Monitoring Expert, he has monitored more than 500 grant projects in multiple provinces of Turkey. He holds BS degree in Business Administration Specialized in Marketing from Eskişehir Anadolu University.

    He has solid experience and knowledge in project cycle management, grant monitoring in the project provinces and designing & delivery of PCM and Grant Training and Workshops – Project Proposal Preparation for EU Funds.

    Furthermore, he has well-established networks and communication with social partners, business NGOs and SMEs to successfully fulfil the thematic verification tasks, reviewing the procurement project budgets and provide input for the elaboration of a comprehensive report as part of his extensive grant and monitoring experience. Altug’s extensive experience enables him to review the key performance indicators and fulfil the requirements of monitoring activities to provide the most beneficial inputs to the projects via thematic controls, evaluation reports and risk analysis.

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